Pressure Regulator

The Brannon Hydraulics, Inc. model RRS is ideally suited for applications requiring precision manual control of hydrostatic pump drive systems. In addition to providing precision control of output pressure for the pump control, these valves offer the added safety feature of positive directional control by incorporating a direct, internal mechanical linkage from the lever to the directional control spool.

Pump ouput flow direction is always under control of the operator.

The first five (5) degrees of lever travel positively selects the direction of control flow and the rest of the handle travel controls the valve output pressure, up to the selected design's maximum pressure setting.

Valves are stackable for multi-function applications. Mounting styles are optional. The thumbscrew friction knob holds the valve pressure setting position.


  • Adjustable threshold pressure
  • Adjustable output pressure
  • Single regulator with directional control
  • All operational parts are oil immersed
  • Can be stacked
  • Handle controls
  • Infinite position friction hold
  • Spring centered
  • Detented neutral
  • New optional Positive Neautral Lock (Consult Factory for more information)
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